Get Lost in the World of Marginalia

I am used to city life – to the lights that shine even on the darkest night. I’m not used to the forest and the real, full darkness that can come on a moonless night. I’m not used to the noises and the silence of a windswept forest. I found that out one night when I went on a quiet walk with two friends through the woods a year ago. The only world seemed to exist in the crunch of their footsteps and in the small cone of light from my flashlight as I walked with them. My mind ran wild with the possibilities of what was within that darkness, and what that black night made possible, just as it will in the strange world of Marginalia.


Having received a letter from Eric, who has been missing for weeks, the player comes to Kestlebrook, a dark valley in the middle of nowhere. As the player, it’s your job to explore this place and find out the story of what happened to Eric, and what is happening now. By searching out small lights in the dark, you will trigger bits of the storyline, but there is another, stranger tale that lurks deeper in the night. Hinted at with small, flickering lights, will you creep deeper into these woods to find out the other part of the story? Will connecting the two stories, past and present, clear up the mystery of why Eric wrote to you to bring you here?


The narrative-based gameplay promises an intriguing story for those brave enough to creep around these old woods. Developed by Connor Sherlock (The Rapture Is Here And You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home) and written by Cameron Kunzelman (Catachresis), Marginalia promises an interesting, thought-provoking tale, and a creepy walk for your five dollars.

Fiction writer, indie lover, and horror game fanatic. If it's strange, personal, terrifying, or a combination thereof, he wants to play it.