Get Lost in the Arctic Adventure of Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice

Arctic exploration is notoriously deadly, and the protagonist of Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice has lost his grandfather to the frozen expanse. Determined to uncover his elder’s fate, he joins an Arctic mission as the ship’s doctor. When the ship’s engine explodes, the crew finds themselves stranded.


The player must find their missing grandfather and solve puzzles to reveal the truth of the legend of Inuit treasure that drew him there in the first place. There are puzzles and mini games with a focus on uncovering hidden objects, with bonus items and multiple achievements to unlock.

The point-and-click style adventure mystery comes from Lazy Turtle Games and is published by Tri Synergy; the studio was founded in 2007 by developers with over 15 years of industry experience, who describe their goal as creating “quality casual games.” Lazy Turtle Games’s titles grow out of its shared love of hidden object games, and it previously released The Far Kingdoms and Mystery Chronicles series as well as numerous other titles.


Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice is currently available for Windows on Steam at a discounted price of $5.24 USD. For more information, have a look at the Lazy Turtle Games website, or check them out on Facebook.