Get Lost In Space With ‘Dark Expanse’ As It Continues To Expand


Anyone looking for a new massively multiplayer online real time strategy game set in a distinctly Sci-Fi universe and have managed to miss Dark Expanse so far, should consider reading on to find out what you are missing.

Dark Expanse is a free to play galaxy conquest game that allows you to really become king of the stars, your way. In Dark Expanse you will see local commanders develop their resources, improve their planets, colonize new worlds, and all manner of other features you would expect to see in a game like Dark Expanse.

Dark Expanse is set in a huge online world with over 200,000 planets along side 5 playable races making the game highly expansive. If you thought Dark Expanse was good before, be prepared for the latest update from Deorc Enterprise.


Dark Expanse has been running for the past  four years and has recently seen a substantial update. Adding in a whole heap of quality content just in time for the new year their latest expansion called Dark Expanse. In this latest instalment you are able to enjoy the new Andromeda 3 galaxy instance, which has been created for a much more relaxed style of play.

The new galaxy will open up new gameplay avenues not formally seen before in Dark Expanse and should really begin to broaden the gameplay. Alongside the new galaxy there is also a new game enhancement called “Rescue The Natives”.

Rescue The Natives allows even more in depth and engaging gameplay as it forces you into numerous moral dilemmas. This feature adds a dynamic event that will allow players the option to either rescue, ignore, or conquer the natives of previously empty planets.

Dark Expanse is free to play and if you are interested in strategy games on a grand scale this may very well be for you. There really has been no better time to get into Dark Expanse and with Deorc Enterprise currently holding the Refer A Friend contest you should also consider bringing a friend.

The contest runs until the end of the month and gives the opportunity to win a copy of Steven L. Kent’s latest book “The Clone Sedition”.

Be sure to check out the official website for all the latest information on Dark Expanse and get conquering.

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