GDC: Games ahoy on the Cryptic Sea

When I approached Alex Austin at the IGN Media Indie Exchange, he asked me, “What type of game do you want to play?”  I stumped him with RPG, but he had everything else from a Match-3 puzzle game to a Spaceship constructor/simulator, hockey game, First Person car chase game and more.  Unfortunately for us, Alex hasn’t really been able to finalize and complete some of his game ideas.  If you were unaware, Alex has been around the indie scene for quite some time.  He created the IGF award winning Gish back in 2005 with Edmund McMillen and also worked at Chronic Logic on some of the build bridging games that define that company’s library.  Alex’s problem is that he has too many game ideas.

I spent most of my time playing his gummy-block physics based Match 3 game, but dabbled in some of his other titles as well.  The amount of fun in some of these prototypes is quite shocking.  Alex hopes to package some of these diverse games into some sort of album, but I wouldn’t hold your breath (remember No Quarter).  I look forward to the next thing that Alex releases, because if it can keep his attention for years of development, you know it’s going to be amazing.

Check out Cryptic Sea’s website for some free downloadable prototypes. There’s even more on the blog.

  • Looking forward to the day when Cryptic Sea releases more games

  • Yeah he has a ton of ideas and a lot of very playable stuff it would be nice to see a true commercial release.