Gardens of Gonzo Focuses on Player-generated Content


Back in March of 2014, indie studio Straight to Floppy Productions announced that their free-to-play MMORPG Gardens of Gonzo was available for download. Inspired by the style of classic 2D games, Gardens of Gonzo offers players the ability to build both their characters and aspects of the persistent world. While the game does not currently have every feature that the development team would like to see implemented, they are confident the systems available create a very playable experience.


Founder Georg Schulz described Gardens of Gonzo as, “a classic free-to-play MMORPG that picks up the nostalgic and carefree spirit of Zelda and Ultima Online and combines them with a powerful player-driven sandbox to form a whole new MMO experience.” Like many other RPG titles, players can gather natural resources, craft weapons and armor, fight a variety of enemies, explore several different locations, and level up the skills of their character.


The “player-driven” content that Schulz describes comes into play when players purchase their own estates or entire worlds, where they are free to create their own unique homes and settings. Gamers can even upload graphics and sounds to add something different to their properties. Eventually the team wants to give players even more creative control, to design quests and entire storylines that are accessible to anyone playing.

Currently the project is downloadable for Windows machines only, but support for additional platforms is planned. For additional details and screenshots, visit either the Gardens of Gonzo official website or the game’s IndieDB page.

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