Games Need Gamers To Come To Life — Give ‘République’ An Ear

As gamers, I’m sure we all take pride in our games. When we pick up a game, we expect a memorable experience, and a thrilling one. We go to places like websites and magazines to get the latest news on what’s good, bad, and ugly. I’m here to log another entry in the “good” category— République.

République has outstanding potential. The developers are taking just as much pride in their gaming as you do, players. The game is intended to be a masterpiece made mobile—the deep plot, excellent mechanics, and smooth gameplay of a full console game, but created to be taken with you wherever you go. This is an ambition worth paying attention to.

The game is to be a Stealth-Survival hybrid with Metroidvania-style exploration and a 4-6 hour campaign. The main character, Hope, is a realistic, non-over-sexualized person that you interact with rather than control. Please, visit the Kickstarter page for full details on the game. The campaign to fund the game has a goal of $500,000. As of now, they have obtained $70,556 and have 20 days left in their campaign. There are all kinds of great rewards for donating various amounts, including everything from a copy of the game to a trip to the studio and you name, face, and voice in the game. So go help give République a try. Do not let this potential spark die.