GameFly Coming To iOS and Android

Digital distribution and gaming rental service GameFly has announced its intention to introduce a brand new distribution service for Android devices, along with plans to publish mobile games for both the iOS and Android platforms.

The GameFly Gamestore is slated to make its début as an Android gaming provider at some point during the latter half of 2012, with an Autumn launch window touted as the most likely date of arrival. In the interim period, the company will be perusing submissions for potential GameFly-published iOS and Android games through, offering auxiliary funding to successful applicants with a view to the scheme’s first commercial gaming release as early as this Summer.

This piece of news follows on from the launch of the Game of the Day service on the GameFly mobile App in April 2012, a move that has seemingly laid down a marker for GameFly’s future plans with regards to the mobile video gaming industry. Moreover, having taken over IGN’s Direct2Drive service back in December 2011, GameFly appears to have signalled its campaign to spread far beyond the physical rental service for which it was once exclusively known.