‘Gamedog’ – 9 Retro Games In One


Quikding has recently updated their free iOS game, Gamedog, an app that simulates playing a retro handheld system.  This means old school graphics, including black and white, and a user interface that makes you feel like you’re playing a handheld instead of a smartphone.

At the moment there are 9 games included with the Gamedog simulator, each with their own highscore leaderboard.  The newest addition is Hockey Lords, where you play as a sniper who can make a hockey game much more exciting.

Other games include Aero Dru Hit, a speed shooter; Believer’s Beliefs, an RPG with speedrun leaderboard; DarbikSnake, which is a reimagining of the classic cell phone game; Speedophiles, a platformer by GHXYK2; Devil’s Road, a collection of arcade games by GHXYK2; and New Free Holder, an experimental game with two paddles with different controls.

All together, your bases are covered, and each new update promises to include another game.  There’s a little bit of everything and it’s free; so go check it out now.

Gamedog is available in the App Store.  For more information about Gamedog, watch the gameplay preview or visit its official page.  You can also follow Quikding on Twitter.