‘Galaxy On Fire 2’ Going Free For A Short While

Have you been waiting patiently for the award-winning open space shooter Galaxy on Fire 2 to let go of its 6.99 price tag? Well then, here’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is creators Fishlabs has reduced the cost of the game to completely free! The bad news? It’s only for a limited time!

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD

Galaxy On Fire 2 has you taking on the role of a hot head mercenary and adventurer named Keith T. Maxwell, as you set out to protect a war-torn universe against an army of ruthless invaders known as Voids, who are looking to enslave the rest of the species. Go on an adventure as you try to defeat your most powerful enemy.

For a more in depth experience you have a selection of three add-ons which let you take on missions on everything from humanitarian relief, to cross galaxy explorations. The latest add-on entitled Supernova will offer at least 10 more hours of action packed gaming, a new story line with dozens of new characters, weapons, and more content such as spaceships, star systems, blueprints, and other gameplay features. The Supernova add-on is also out now, though as a separate in-game purchase.

So head on over to the Apple App store to download  the popular space combat and trading simulation game entirely free of charge. But be quick, you have until February 14, 2013 before the price goes back up to the regular RRP.


  • This has been free on Android for years.

  • It has been free on Android, but not in the Apple Appstore. Have you played this game before? what did you think?:)