Gaijin Games celebrates 5th anniversary with massive Steam Sale


Gaijin Games, developer of the popular Commander Video series of games, such as BIT.TRIP RUNNER and BIT.TRIP BEAT are currently celebrating their 5th anniversary.

To mark the occasion the developer has put every game in their back-catalogue in Steam’s Holiday Sale – often at a substantial discount. For example, BEAT and RUNNER are both enjoying a hefty 90% cut to the asking price, while RUNNER 2 is currently discounted by 83%.

Still not tempted? Well, you can also buy a mega bundle of every single game in their catalogue plus digital copies of their soundtrack, for an impressive 71% discount ($10.14/ £7.82).

The BIT.TRIP series has been a major success for the developer, who have put out a string of highly addictive and polished titles. Known for their particularly catchy soundtracks and their distinctive graphical style, the series has seen its creator receive a number of awards including an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. The sale ends on January 3rd, so there’s plenty of time to pick yourself up a retro-themed bargain.