Futuristic Racer Radial-G Features Oculus Rift

A new racer is just around the corner, this time on the track with the latest technology. UK studio Tammeka Games is developing Radial-G: Racing Evolved with Oculus Rift support in mind.

Featuring up to 32 AI and human racers at once, the game seems inspired by PSOne’s Wipeout. The tracks are cylindrical in shape, so players can rotate around them in 360 degrees, while finding the best possible route. Instead of diving into multiplayer, the single player mode will feature a campaign to boost one’s skills before taking competitive racers head-on. Quick Race and Championship are available, to either have a quick run-off or a more involving session. In addition, there are weapons to fire off at the opponents, from traps to projectiles and other disablers. Boost Cards provide an edge in a single race, giving a speed boost at the beginning or other particular advantages.

The game will launch with full Oculus Rift support, letting a player look around himself or herself in the cockpit. However, the game isn’t exclusive to owners of the device, and there’s a standard, “2D monitor” mode as well. There are also more modes planned for after the initial release, including a track editor. Also, check out a preview of the game’s “rad” soundtrack here. The developers promise Radial-G will feature a smooth 60fps running at 1080p.

While £7 nets a multiplayer demo (without the first release), £15 is the first tier with the actual game. However, a free demo is available now for download. Otherwise, consider voting for Radial-G: Racing Evolved on Steam Greenlight, and check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details on this futuristic racer.

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