Full Steam Ahead As ‘Steam Marines’ Gets A New Update

Steam Marines Medical_Deck

Last year I stumbled across Worthless Bums Steam Marines.  A Squad-based roguelike that follows a very crisp and compelling retro art style. Steam Marines puts you in control of a group of marines as they try battle through the ship and to safety in this turn based unrelenting roguelike.

Being a roguelike means you can expect procedurally generated levels making every play through something a little different and always unpredictable. There will be a good number of ways to build your squad to best suit your play style so let the tactical genius inside you flourish as you make life or death decisions to try to beat this game.

Worthless Bums have been working on Steam Marines for some time now and every update it seems to get better and better with this being no exception. The latest update (v0.7.1a) brings with it a whole new section of the ship unlocking the Medical Bay section. Along with new tiles and rooms expect to face up against a host of robotic invaders ready to roll over your brave marines.

This new section will bring with it a whole host of new challenges for you to try to overcome with superior tactics. Along with this new section of the ship the camera system has been reworked to track enemies better, and a working guard mode has finally be finished which will no doubt help on these more trickier levels.

Steam Marines Medical_Deck_Narrow_Corridors

The new additions to Steam Marines really start to bring together all the elements of the game slowing transforming this alpha into a complete product. The full game is scheduled for release in May of this year, however if you would like to play the alpha build be sure to head over to IndieDB for the demo. Be sure to check out the official site for more information and if you like what you see be sure to vote for Steam Marines on Steam Greenlight.

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