From Our Backyard: ‘Out There’ A Narrative-Driven Journey Through Space

Out There - Orbit

Exploring the “final frontier” is usually ignored in science fiction games these days, with disturbing dystopias or post-apocalyptic settings often taking priority. That’s why it is always nice to see games like FTL pop out of the blue and inspire developers to look to the stars. Mi-Clos Studios, developer of iOS game Space Disorder, is working on an upcoming space exploration game Out There.

Out There is a beautiful looking game that the developers have told us is heavily inspired by FTL and the classic Masters of Orion. The player will be set “at the ends of an unknown galaxy” and tasked with keeping the main character alive and bringing him home.

Out There - Ship

While the screenshots make this game look very FTL’ish, the developers are adding some features that change things up. Most importantly is the game’s narrative. Out There is written by FibreTigre, a popular interactive fiction author with ten years under his belt. There is also a crafting system and the ability to mine planets.

Out There is still early in development, so we have not seen any gameplay videos. We do have a very pretty animated trailer though, with an art style the developers describe as “psychedelic 70s sci-fi comics.”


Out There is a game we found through the Indie Game Magazine “Tell Us About Your Game” forums. If you want to tell us about your game, all you need to do is register and apply for developer status. Once you’re approved, post a thread with as much info you can about your game, some screenshots and a video if you have one. Looking forward to seeing people on the forums!

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