From Our Backyard: ‘Lone Wolf’ A Campy Beat Em Up RPG With Werewolves

Lone Wolf - Combat

Lone Wolf is a one of a kind game. Combining beat-em-up’s with RPG mechanics isn’t too common, but it happens. And every gameplay genre has been mixed with the post-apocalypse setting by now. But where it gets particularly interesting is where the developer, Play ‘Em adds werewolves and a four-player cooperative mode.

The plot of Lone Wolf is that the protagonist must balance his humanity with the animal inside him in order to turn into a werewolf. Usually in post-apocalyptic stories, main characters are faced with giving in to chaos or staying civilized, so it is an interestingly literal take on the theme.

The game has a large world complete with a day/night cycle, trading system, and even a stealth system.  Honestly, everything about this game reminds me of a cheesy 1980s action/science fiction film, and that has me quite excited.

The developers have been posting on the Indie Game Magazine forums every couple weeks since January 2012, each update with a video demonstrating their recent additions. You can view these videos on Play ‘Ems Youtube channel, or the thread itself.

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    Thanks for the write up Sam! I just saw this! Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while I’ve been retooling the level and polishing some things up. Should have some news in a few more weeks!