FreudBot – Tell Him About Your Mother

Though the realm of “psychology” games is either very small or just not well-known, there exist several indie games that fall under that umbrella. One of the most well-known is Depression Quest, but that game falls under the “realism” tab, while FreudBot definitely falls under a sillier category. A mobile, virtual card game for Windows Phone (and Android, very soon), developed by Slash GamesFreudBot tells the story of Steve, a chronically-stressed man experiencing strong, conflicting feelings leading up to an important moment in his life, and the robot that tries to help him through those feelings. This is accomplished through a card game the Freudbot calls the “Game of Vibes.” This game-within-a-game was created due to the robot just having figured out how human verbal interactions work. Seems legit.


Freudbot is currently free, albeit with ads. There are 60 levels dealing with a myriad of Steve’s personal problems, with the ultimate goal of conquering his fear, doubt, and aggression. It appears to actually explore some real concepts of Freudian psychology, which for a nerd like me is pretty neat, even if those concepts have since been mostly proven through practice to be not-so-awesome for patients. The cartoony graphics and simple gameplay add an element of fun to a simple card game.

You can download Freudbot from the Windows Store (only Windows 8.1 can run this on PC). Follow the game on Twitter, “like” the Facebook page, and check out the website for more information and updates.

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