Freshly Renamed ‘Villagers And Heroes’ Mad Otter Games Updates Their Free MMO With New Features And Zones

Villagers and Heroes

Mad Otter Games has announced that their previously entitled A Mystical Land, has now been renamed Villagers And Heroes, and has recently received a slew of updates. Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play casual MMO set in a fantasy kingdom known as the Seven Realms. Within these seven realms (though only three have been unlocked for exploration), players will find wizards, undead, wild beasts, and more. Four character classes are available, allowing players to choose to be a warrior, wizard, hunter, or a priest. Once selected, players are free to explore the open realms, and begin questing and crafting, —processes familiar to anyone who has played an MMO.

The “Villagers” part of the title comes into play when the player decides to construct a home. Players have two options to building a home, they can collect resources or purchase an in-game housing license. Once constructed, players have to simply pay rent every two weeks to retain their residency. The house offers residents an item vault that stores any items the player wishes to save for later, or simply does not need to carry with them. The vault can be accessed anytime from the home, or any of the other vaults around the Seven Realms.

Villagers and Heroes has a specific focus on online social interactivity. Players can build houses together to form small villages. The first character to start a village, automatically becomes the mayor. Currently the mayor can only rename the city, or re-write the welcome text that players see when they enter the village. Mad Otter Games plans to have more changes (e.g., voting) to village politics in upcoming updates. A community vault allows for storing items to be used by anyone in need, and as the village grows the perks of being associated with the village, like treasure finds or experience rates, grow as well.

In the latest update, Villagers and Heroes allows for ranching. Players can now raise sheep, chickens, and pigs, to be used for supplies. Players who level their ranching skills up, will unlock special fleeces to allow them to craft unique outfits and gear.

On top of the introduction of ranching, the latest update also unlocked some new areas for players to explore: Maiden is a magical floating island; Shiverstead is an icy land full of the undead and yetis; and Traven is a tropical archipelago currently threatened by a new epic boss, the evil sorceress Valuspa. Along with the sorceress, the update added in a handful of other bosses for players to conquer and loot for rare fragments.

Villagers and Heroes is free-to-play. Simply visit the official website to register an account and start playing.

Villagers and Heroes


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