Frenetic Beats Arrive with Resonance Unlimited

A Toronto-based one-man studio called Trésor d’lf Limited has just released a “hyperkinetic music game” for mobile devices. The game, called Resonance Unlimited, is about chasing a pixel girl called Lumiere as she moves to the beat of chiptunes composed by different artists, like Shirobon and Theory of N, along with the game’s developer Anthony Phillips.


The game is arcade-style, so players familiar with those old-school movements might feel at home while playing this. While Lumiere runs on the screen, players must follow her path with their fingers before the time runs out. Featuring several levels, from easy to expert, Resonance Unlimited has already reached the featured page in the App Store for iOS devices.

As in most music-based games, Resonance Unlimited relies heavily on an original soundtrack to get players’ attention. These chiptunes take inspiration from hard electronic music, and the full soundtrack is available to download on BandCamp.


Those interested in taking a challenge from normal to survival modes on Resonance Unlimited can do so on their iOS and Android devices. The game is being sold at a price point of $2.99 on both platforms, and a campaign on Steam Greenlight is expected to arrive soon to port the game to PCs. For further information, visit the game’s official website, or follow the developers on Twitter for future updates.

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