Free Investigative Game Series TOMES: Layne’s Discovery Launches

A game creator known as LowResHero just released a title called TOMES: Layne’s Discovery. It’s a free point-and-click investigation game with horror and drama elements in old-school low-res graphics.

Layne is a deeply-flawed investigator who is part of Project Synergy, an initiative whose goal is to weed out corruption among low-ranking investigative officers. Layne is an alcoholic with an anger problem – an “incomprehensible mess,” as he calls himself. It’s up to the player to help Layne figure out more about himself, drive the criminal investigations, and learn more about the titular Tomes and their connection to the story.

The player is led to investigation scenes by the story, but he or she must make sense of the events by using a deductive system. Making note of certain details – even words from someone – is key to uncovering the truth. Smart synergy of data will help push Layne along.

TOMES: Layne’s Discovery promises to raise more questions than it can answer, but this is only the first part in an intended investigative series.

Check out the trailer above, and then you can give the game a go immediately: a free download is available at LowResHero’s website.

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