Free Bundle #4 – Five Games, No Cost

Free Bundle 4

For the fourth, and hopefully not the last, time, the Cabrera Brothers have assembled another Free Bundle. Featuring five games from various genres, there is something in it for everyone…especially since it doesn’t cost a penny. Or even…a pence. (See, I’m globalizing!)

The lineup includes:

Bear Surfin Mega Wave from Normalen Baren
You Have To Win The Game from J. Kyle Pittman
Dirty Split from dreamagination team
Vicinity from Vicinity Team
Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch from CutmanMike and Team MM8BDM

As of this writing a little under 13,000 Free Bundles 4s have been downloaded. There are still thirteen days left. Previous bundles, (which are still available) have been downloaded approximately 320,000 times.

The Free Bundle 4 also promotes the Kickstarter campaign for Ithaka of the Clouds, and other indie media outlets. The Cabrera Brothers are unaffiliated with anything but the assembly of the bundle.

“Like always, [we] won’t be getting a dime from this Indiegogo campaign,” the Cabrera Brothers explain on the bundle page. “His sales are his sales alone. We are doing this for the sole purpose of helping a fellow indie developer and hopefully, to encourage others to join us.”

Visit the Free Bundle 4′s official website and instantly download the games, for free.

If you know of (or developed) a free game that you’d like to see in the next bundle, email the Cabrera Brothers at tip[at]cabrerabrothers[dot]com.

Free Bundle 4

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