Free Beta Demo Released for Mutant Factions

Mutant Factions is an online shooter that blends the presentation style of an RTS with the strategy and customization of an RPG. Developer Ben Johnson of Nik Nak Studios recently released a free Beta demo for PC and Linux as a follow up to the title’s Greenlight status of last year. Johnson plans to use the community-generated feedback to make improvements in anticipation of the game’s final launch within the next few months. “I’d love players to explore the mechanics of [the game] and tell me how to balance it for competitive play. The skills system has a lot of depth and complexity, and I need creative players to experiment and see what’s overpowered and what needs a buff.”


The game comes with a multitude of features and customization options said to keep gamers of all skill levels highly engaged. Players can access more than 30 weapons and vehicles to defeat the opposition; known weapons include pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, explosives, and even a flamethrower.

Mutant Factions boasts 30 uniquely balanced skills to complement the weapons and vehicles, ranging from invisibility and teleportation to regeneration and upgraded assault armor. Each skill comes with a benefit and a penalty, giving new players the ability to compete against more seasoned ones. Players can also unlock unique character cosmetics by earning community credits through building customized maps and referring friends.


To learn more about Mutant Factions and download the free Beta demo for PC or Linux, be sure to visit the game’s official website and Twitter pages. Check out Ben Johnson’s developer blog for more information on the development story behind the game.

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