Free Alpha Demo Released for We Shall Wake

We Shall Wake is an intense third-person brawler that will invoke strong memories from the final fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix Reloaded. The concept is quite simple by design; string together as many combinations as possible in order to survive each new wave of enemies. Offering a small sampling of what’s in store, developer Nokoriware released a free Alpha demo of the title for both Windows and Linux via their website on August 5.

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Unlike button-mashing brawlers, We Shall Wake forces players to learn the intuitive strike commands in order to master their character’s selected abilities. The design has also removed the restrictive environments that are typically seen within the brawler genre by placing players in an endless space, to allow more fluid and progressive combinations to organically occur.

The game equips players with a series of basic fighting moves that can be matched into four groups of combinations: Hand, leg, ground, and aerial. Players take their completely customized movesets up against hordes of highly skilled enemies that appear in calculated waves of increasing difficulty. Surviving enough enemy waves earns players a chance to duel with a powerful boss.

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A form of in-game currency is rewarded for both successfully advancing past enemy waves and landing difficult combinations. The currency can be spent on a wide variety of items, upgrades, and additional fighting moves. The developers plan to include more content as the build continues to progress forward.

To learn more about We Shall Wait, check out the game’s Twitter and YouTube pages.