Fractured Space Offers New Content Plus Free Weekend Access

The indie developers at Edge Case Games, the same team behind Strike Suit Zero, are making their tactical space combat game Fractured Space available for free on Steam this weekend. As a bonus, all players who log in during the weekend will also unlock permanent Early Access to the game, and some exclusive rewards are being offered for team-based space combat depending on how many players in total log on.

The specific rewards beyond gaining access to the game are as follows:

  • Exclusive captain based on Youtuber The Mighty Jingles
  • At 5,000 players: Exclusive skins for the three beginner ships
  • At 10,000 players: Exclusive community-voted legendary skin for a TDS ship
  • At 15,000 players: Exclusive legendary skin upgraded to a premium ship

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This weekend, Fractured Space will also feature newly implemented content, including a new squadron command feature that allows large capital ships to launch smaller ships in order to attack, defend, and board other vessels.This is aimed to provide another layer of tactical thinking on top of the heavy-hitting capital ship cannons that already play a large role in the game. This feature replaces the current area of effect features for a more versatile use of the squadron craft, and capital ships have also received a Point Defense system to counter these small, short-range fighters. The game has also increased its list of available ships with the mid-range attack ship, TDS Reaper, and a heavy ship for ranged attacks, the USR Destroyer.

Fractured Space is a team-based space combat game fought using colossal capital ships with mayhem typical to shooters mixed with big-picture strategy. The game is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access, and is set for a wider release later in the year. For more information, gamers can follow the team’s progress on Twitter or Facebook.

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