Former ‘Command and Conqueror’ Devs Release Lighthearted ‘Highborn’ For PC And Mac

highborn header

Today, Jet Set Games proudly announced the release of their turn-based strategy game, Highborn, for PC and Mac users. Previously, Highborn was an iOS and Android game, but now the game is available through Steam, and discounted 25% off for the duration of its release week.

Highborn has players participating in top-down strategic gameplay, set in a fantasy setting. The PC/Mac release sees the inclusion of both redesigned levels and artwork, now that the game can take advantage of the powerful hardware powering most PCs and Macs. Jet Set Games originally built Highborn for mobile devices, so it was made for gamers on the go. This works for well for the game in that it provides a strategic fix for gamers, while not requiring a good deal of time to get used to how the game works, as is the bane of some strategy games.

“Many of Jet Set’s employees have a long history of building strategy games for the PC, and it feels great to be developing for this platform again,” said Rade Stojsavljevic, president and co-founder of Jet Set Games. “We chose to bring Highborn to Steam, not only to satisfy our customer’s demands, but also because we knew we could take advantage of the processing power of the PC to really showcase the amazing graphics and improved gameplay that we’ve put into this re-imagined version of Highborn.”

Gamers interested in the whimsical strategy game can pick it up on Steam. For more details visit the official Highborn website and follow Jet Set Games on Twitter.

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