Former Bioshock Infinite Dev Gives First Look At Space Colony Survival Sim ‘RimWorld’


Yesterday, Ludeon Studios posted the first public video of their upcoming game, RimWorld. The video shows off a few of the game’s planned features including pirate raids, shifting weather and day/night cycles, as well as some of the core gameplay and mining mechanics.

In RimWorld, players take on the responsibility of ensuring the survival of three colonists who have crash landed on a distant planet. Players will need to construct living quarters, grow and harvest food, conduct trade with passing vessels, defend the outpost from attackers, and survive the elements. To add an interesting moral twist, Ludeon Studios is building in the option to allow players to “capture” other refugees and make them prisoner slaves, or work to earn their trust.

Ludeon Studios is a one-man development team based out of Ottawa, Canada. Tynan Sylvester has been working as a developer for 13 years, most recently spending four years as a level and systems designer with Irrational Games, working on Bioshock Infinite. Some of his other previous credits include Unreal Tournament, Warpath, and Close Quarters Conflict.

Visit Ludeon Studios’ website, and follow Tynan on Twitter.

Tynan also mentioned that he is looking for pre-alpha testers, so if that sounds like something you’re keen on, give him a tweet!



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