Forget Running, It’s Time To Battle In ‘Infinite Warrior’

Infinite Warrior

With so many endless runners on the App Store today, it’s hard to separate yourself from the rest of the genre. Empty Flask Games first title, Infinite Warrior, is up to the challenge as they’re seeking to slash and kill their way through the competition.

Infinite Warrior is an endless runner game, but instead of jumping and dodging your way through various obstacles, you’re killing enemies as they run towards you by using touch screen gestures. It doesn’t seem like your character actually runs, instead he takes a slow and defensive approach while enemies run towards him with icons floating above their head signifying what gesture to use to get past them. Other than that it’s hard to determine what else it may offer in terms of gameplay from the recently released trailer.

I will say that the game looks visually pleasing from the setting all the way down to how the blood gushes from your enemies. Even more interesting is that the character animations were motion captured by professional Hollywood stunt actors.

Infinite Warrior also offers character customization with over 30 pieces of equipment that can affect gameplay. Such items include a helmet which grants a gold bonus, and a shield that offers protection for a given distance which acts as a “head-start”. The equipment can be purchased via in game gold or cold hard cash.

Be sure to check out the trailer and gallery for Infinite Warrior below. If you’d like follow the progress on Infinite Warrior, visit Empty Flask Games on Facebook or their personal website. For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, it should be releasing this September for iOS  at $2.99. To my Android friends, get back to sharpening your swords, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.