Follow Bizarre Orders in Progress to 100

Before releasing earlier this month, Progress to 100 had already been an official selection at the European Innovative Games Showcase, won Pocket Gamers VBIP and an IndiePlus Award, and won the People’s Prize at IGN’s The Mix. Since its release, it’s attracted strong reviews and online praise from fans.


The game has players follow 100 orders by interacting with their iOS devices in unusual ways. To solve abstract puzzles, users might have to press their noses to the screens, shout, sing, or dance, and generally look very strange if they choose to play in public. The game can be an individual or a group experience, encouraging people to work together to solve trickier puzzles, and possibly laugh at each other’s efforts.

Progress to 100 features a clean, minimalist design, and communicates with the player through simple text commands (though these can be cryptic) and some voice acting.


The game comes from the Swedish studio Ludosity, founded in 2008. Ludosity makes games across a variety of platforms including PC, iOS and Android, and Nintendo 3DS. They also feature free to play prototypes on their website.

For more information, check out the game’s website or Twitter. Find Ludosity on Facebook, Twitter, or their website. You can buy Progress to 100 for $2.99 USD for the latest version of iOS from the App Store.