Fly High with Airline Director

Airline Director screenshot

You! Yes, you! You, at the computer! I know what you have always been dreaming of! That’s right, I know that, ever since you were a young human, you’ve always wanted to run an airline. No no, don’t deny it, I can see it in your eyes. I think. Try looking straight at your webcam?

Airline Director, a new mobile game from Jovaga Games, hopes to fulfill that dream. In it, you become the CEO of an airline, meaning you get to make all of the (chief) executive decisions about how that airline is run. Want to run an exclusive, five star airline? You can do that! Want to run your airplanes into the ground, putting your company out of business? Well I don’t know that you can do that, but you can make a low quality airline should you so desire. And you can definitely put your company out of business.

The majority of play seems to take place in watching a route map. You can choose how you want your fleet of planes to operate for that day, and different routes apparently have different advantages based on flight times, layovers, and, of course, the actual planes carrying people. Nicer planes are required for longer flights and routes that everyone wants, meaning you have to split your focus between various routes to maximize your profits.

Airline Director is out now on Android devices, and is coming soon to iOS, Windows Phone, and both Mac and PC. You can pick the game up for $6.90 USD in the Google Play store, tweet @JovagaGames if you’d like to get in touch with the developers, or you can read a bit more about Airline Director on its website

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