Fly and Fight for Planet Earth in Ace Vs Aliens

As an alien invasion begins to claim the planet earth, it is up to an ace fighter and a league of wingmen to thwart the invaders and fight for their planet’s freedom in Aces Vs Aliens. A 2D isometric shooter with 3D graphics, the game uses smartphone technology to deliver fast-paced action while outnumbered against an army of aliens on the ground and in the air.

lvl5_1Players will depend on their reflexes and the maneuverability of their aircraft to avoid damage, either by moving out of the way or performing maneuvers like a barrel roll, or a loop, to get the drop on an enemy. Aces Vs Aliens allows players to deal damage to their foes with cannons, missiles, and bombs to start, but they can also gain access to more powerful weapon powerups that carpet bomb ground forces, or clears the sky of enemy fighters.

At the same time, players may find allied fighters to join in formation and add their own firepower in a manner similar to Galaga. Those wingmen may not necessarily be fighter jets from Earth. Fast-paced action moves from taking on enemies at a steady space in the sky, to embarking in high speed chases dangerously close to the ground, where ducking and weaving to avoid any obstacles becomes a necessity.


Aces Vs Aliens is currently available for  free on Google Play. No in-app purchases are offered in this game. For more information on this and future Stressed Ape games, visit the team’s website!

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