Flippin’ Phones – Available Now

A newly found development team of two located in the Netherlands, known as BlauwPrint, have released their first title, Flippin’ Phones, and it is an intriguing creation of strangeness.

As the title suggests, players will be flipping phones – literally – from the hands of the mall dwellers that may be using them. There is a strange conspiracy afoot and it is up to you to rescue humanity, no matter how crazy you may seem in the process. Things won’t be a walk in the park, either, as you’ll have to deal with cops who are not down with your phone flippin’ shenanigans, because they are in on the conspiracy themselves.

Flippin’ Phones is an action game perfect to play in short bursts, thanks to its fast paced action that can suck in high score-hunters.


The game is available now as a pay-what-you-want download, and can be found here. The game runs on Windows and Mac based computers. BlauwPrint also has another game in development called OOSOOM, which is a puzzle platformer about closing your eyes.