Fling Gelato with Wild Abandon in Gelato Flicker

Gelato is kind of like ice cream if it studied abroad, only to come back with a superior smugness. The love of this frozen treat is so great that developer Petricore, Inc. wants to share it in a way where players can flick this delicious frozen treat at people. Well, not technically at people, but at the empty waffle cones they’re holding; enter Gelato Flicker.

GF_iOS_640x960_Marketing_02The game puts players behind the counter running a gelato shop. They’ll start from small beginnings, running a stand and working their way up the great frozen treat chain. Players will serve all kinds of different flavors to hungry patrons with just a flick of their finger. They will race against the clock, so their flicking needs to be on point. If the player messes up a customer’s order, it’s game over. However, there are power-ups to aid the task, like the Trending Scoop, Rush Hour and Golden Scoop. Players can upgrade their shops, solve puzzles on the fly, unlock seven different locations, and see how they stack up against other players on the game’s leaderboards.

Gelato Flicker is set to release November 25 on iOS via the App Store. The game is free to play; however, there are in-app purchases. To learn more about the game and its developer, Petricore, Inc. visit their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

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