FL337 Set to Make Waves on Early Access

Make sure the swords are refilled and the rum bottles are sharpened…or is it…nevermind. Developer KWL Productions is releasing¬†FL337 onto Steam Early Access in just a few days.

FL337 is a new side-scrolling beat-’em-up aiming to go back to the genre’s roots, with classic 2D graphics and gameplay, plus some modern design ideas as well. Players will have access to three different swashbuckling, pirate-esque adventurers, as well as eight different ships. Like some of the best side-scrolling punching and slashing games, the game features local, two-person co-op.¬†FL337 draws a few tools from the standard RPG toolbox as well, with skill trees that open up as you level, as well as unlockable abilities and power-ups.

FL337 screenshot

The game progresses from level to level, with each one bringing another ship in the pirate fleet (or FL337, if anyone prefers). As the developer warns, no ship is without a captain – the winner of a final fight for each ship will be the captain. Each ship is themed around the captain and its crew, with enemies ranging from the average, run-of-the mill pirates, to stone creatures and medieval knights. No word from the developer on whether plate armor is practical at sea, however.

The game will release onto Steam Early Access on November 17, and will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The developer plans to finish development in the next several months, and properly release the game sometime in 2016. Those interested can check out the game’s website, and though there is no price or purchase option, yet, the Early Access page contains additional info.

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