First Beta version of Shiness to be Released Today

The team at French studio ENIGAMI are proud to announce that the Kickstarter backers of their “semi-open world” 3D action RPG Shiness are in for a rare treat. The first Beta version of the game will have exclusive content that is available only to backers, which won’t be added to the game’s final version.


In a cel-shaded world inhabited by Humans, Wakis, and Shelks, players control Chado, a Waki adventurer that crashed his ship while traveling with his friend Poki. What starts as a quest to find his lost friend turns into an adventure to restore balance and harmony to planet Mahera. Shiness will have five playable characters, elements of puzzle, exploration, and fighting games, and even include a special language made just for the game. One of the most noteworthy features is the combat system, which brings to mind some 3D fighting games such as Soul Calibur, while the cel-shaded graphics are reminiscent of some Zelda games. 


Getting back to the exclusive backers-only news, the first Beta has a unique storyline that won’t be available in the final game. This decision was made after the developers wanted to design a Beta that players could enjoy without worrying about game spoilers, while at the same time rewarding those supported the project early on. Players will be free to travel through Meonis Field, fight monsters, and solve quests that will have a minor impact on the main storyline upon the game’s release.


Those interested can still contribute to Shiness through PayPal, and the “how-to” is available on their Kickstarter page with all the other pledge details. The first Beta version will be available only for PC users, while the final build will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and the Wii U as well. Further information can be found on the game’s Twitter page.

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