Firefly Studio’s Stronghold Kingdoms Heads to iOS

New games are constantly announced at Gamescom by both big and small companies, and Firefly Studios was one of them. At Gamescom 2015, they announced that the latest game in their Stronghold series, which started back in 2001 and reappeared at Gamescom 2013 with Stronghold Crusaders 2, is about to arrive on iOS.  This game is Stronghold Kingdoms.


Stronghold is about building an medieval empire, from territorial expansion to organizing a city’s commercial and social activities, but in the mobile port, players will deal with millions of other players, as it’s now also an MMO. In the iOS version, players will be able to play cross-platform with PC and Mac users, amplifying the gameplay.

The same game is already available for free on PC, but Simon Bradbury, Creative Director at Firefly Studios, said that “smart devices are missing out on deeper strategy experiences like Stronghold Kingdoms and we see a gap for our unique style of hardcore strategy.” A full rework of the controls are underway for iPad and iPhone touch-screen optimisation, giving players from all devices even ground.


Alongside this reveal, Firefly Studios also announced a new Stronghold for PC, which is currently without an official title and is being called Stronghold Next. According to the studio, they’re willing to listen to player ideas as to what should be in future titles for the series. Stronghold Kingdoms is coming to the App Store, but there’s no release date yet. For further information, visit the game’s official website.

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