Fire Cannons, Protect the Kingdom in Tiny Empire

Since the launch and success of the Angry Birds series, only a few games tried to invest in the artillery puzzle genre. However, the Brazilian studio Mgaia, inspired by old cannon flash games, decided to take a shot. They developed Tiny Empire, a game with 16-bit visuals in which the player controls a cannon to take down several enemies with the help of physics and their aim.


In a conversation with Gabriel Naro, the head of Mgaia Studios, it was hard not to compare their game with Angry Birds 2, despite the difference between their themes. He said that the games diverge into two main points: “Tiny Empire has a carefully crafted level design instead of random-generated geometry, and most importantly: the game lets you fail. It doesn’t have any of the shortcomings of designing a free-to-play game such as Angry Birds 2, where you have to limit the amount of failures, retries with things such as Lives or Energy.”

The game features different kinds of bombs that are best for distinct situations, and some obstacles and enemies can help trigger a chain reaction and big combos. Players will have over 80 levels to explore and beat, as well as in-game unlockables like new cannons and helms.


For those interested in orc- and golem-slaughtering, Tiny Empire is already available for iOS and Android at a price point of $2.99. A free version of the game, with ads, is available for Android and Windows Phone. “We’re also planning to release premium version for Windows Phone in the future”,  said Gabriel. For further information about the game, visit its official website or follow the developers on Twitter.

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