Find the Holy Grail only to lose it again in Lancelot’s Hangover

I’ve lost my keys after a night of drinking. My glasses. My phone. Never the Holy Grail. You’d think that Lancelot, greatest of King Arthur’s knights, could keep track of the thing, but not in Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt’s Lancelot’s Hangover. A ridiculous point-and-click adventure animated like an illuminated manuscript mixed with a Monty Python sketch, it promises bizarre situations and a lot of laughs.


Lancelot’s Hangover draws a lot of its humor from its unique visuals, which are inspired by the art style of illuminated manuscripts from the middle ages. It’s a perfect fit for a tale about Sir Lancelot, and also makes the game instantly goofy just from looking at it. Watching these characters, who would normally be drawn beside very serious period documents, start rambling about YouTube walkthroughs and make other fourth-wall breaking comments makes it even weirder. The locations and characters in the game only add to this madcap point-and-click game.


The trailer for the game seems quite text heavy, but strives to do so with the kind of bizarre straight delivery players might expect of humorous Lucasarts games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. Clerfayt’s not shy about his inspirations, and is hard at work creating visuals and written gags to crack up the game’s players. Anyone wanting to watch and try the game out for themselves can try out the free beta, which is available from the game’s site. If you like the weird humor, the developer is currently taking preorders to pay for the game’s development, so consider sending some money his way.

More information about Lancelot’s Hangover can be found on the game’s site, on Facebook, Google+, and on Twitter.

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