Find the Guilty Party in Fingered, Now on Steam

First and foremost: Fingered is a game about pointing the finger at someone. Specifically, the player must point out the correct perpetrator of a crime. The question, then, is how to go about deciding who’s guilty. The answer – or at least, the answer the game gives – is simply listening to witness testimony.

The essential problem with this in-game is the problem with real life testimony: It’s rarely reliable. Even if it is, it tends to not be the whole picture, and so it is in Fingered, with witness testimony that ranges from vague but honest to specific and belligerent towards detectives. Players will have to decide for themselves whose testimony to trust, and to finger the right suspect in time. Fingered also features 21 levels, and a soundtrack by Ridiculon – who also did the music for The Binding of Isaac – which can be found and purchased here.Fingered Screenshot

The game is being developed by James Id, and it is being co-developed with Edmund McMillen (though it is not a Team Meat project). Fingered has been released on Steam for Windows, and costs $1.87 USD. The odd price is itself a reference — Section 187 of the California Penal Code is the code for murder, and is known well enough that it is used as far away from California as the UK and Germany.

Follow James Id on Twitter @JamesId, and Edmund McMillan @EdmundMcMillenn for more information and screenshots.

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