Find Out What Lies Below in Ember’s Journey

Ember’s Journey launched on iOS and Android at the discounted release price of $1.99 on Wednesday, August 26. This visceral platformer by EncovApps puts players in control of a cube named Ember, which emits the only source of light within the landscape it occupies. Players will need to navigate Ember through a series of deadly obstacles, set deep under the ground, in order to reach the blue rectangular portal at the opposite end of each level.


The game challenges the player’s intuition and memory as they explore a series of puzzles that span across 76 unique and challenging levels. Players will encounter numerous obstacles in the form of hanging platforms, rolling cylinders, immovable structures, spinning gears, and rotating environments as they continue their journey. Each new level progressively increases in difficulty, requiring more thought and planning to construct an adequate escape route.

The soundtrack presents a transcendental-type experience meant to complement the game-play. The darkness below encourages players to fully immerse themselves within the musical composition and ease their fears of what lies below. The melodies seem to flex and change as Ember is pushed deeper throughout the series of levels.


To learn more about Ember’s Journey for iOS and Android, be sure to visit the game’s official website and Twitter pages.