Fight Your Nightmares in the Demo for Pankapu: The Dreamkeepers

Nightmares are no fun for anyone, so it’s always nice to fight them in games like the upcoming Pankapu: The Dreamkeepers. Players take on the role of a being created by the God of Dreams to fight off invading nightmares from their land. The game is a 2d action-platformer metroidvania sort of thing, very reminiscent of something like Humble Hearts’ Dust: An Elysian Tale. This connection is made even more apparent by Pankapu‘s impressive animation style. After the developer, Too Kind Studios’ successful Kickstarter campaign last November, it is clear we aren’t the only ones impressed by the game.

We covered the game’s spot in Square Enix Collection last year, and since then Too Kind Studios have made enough progress to release a demo version. Interested readers can download the demo on the game’s website. The development team has a presence on the Indie Game Magazine forums that our readers can chat with. No word on an exact release date, but we have been assured the first episode is coming soon.

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