Fight the Fairies for Freedom in Gnomes vs. Fairies

One-man developer Prismic Studios’s new game, Gnomes vs. Fairies, is a single action-adventure. The Gnomelands of Ventocia are under the control of the evil Fairy King, and his five evil daughters. Players take the role of the last free gnome in the land. It’s up to them to fight the Fairy King and free their fellow gnome brethren.


Players will slash, jump, and twirl their way through mystical words that are riddled with terrifying creatures like Kittybats, Gorphs and Mushroom Monsters, just to name a few. The player will learn to harness and grow their magical powers during their noble quest. The player can also customize their own unique gnome from a range of options. Developer Prismic Studios has stated that the movement is “similar to Mario 64.” The game also features an inventory ranking system that’s “inspired by Legend of Zelda.” The game also features a music creation mini-game allowing players to jam out in a way that only gnomes can.


Gnomes vs. Fairies is currently in development and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish the final stages of development.  The game will launch on Windows PC, Android, Wii-U, Mac and Linux. To learn more about the game visit the official website,  Kickstarter page, or like on Facebook. To learn more about Prismic Studios visit the official website or follow on Twitter.

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