Fight Off The Undead Horde In ‘Zombies & Trains’

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What do you get if you take a train simulation game, add in titanium armour, whirring saw blades and a giant plow as well as, of course, hordes of deadly zombies? Well, obviously the answer to that is Dragonhead Games’ latest title Zombies & Trains. 


Trapped in an arena filled with the hungry dead, all clawing their way desperately across the screen, it’s your job to fight them off with the only weapon you have at hand: trains. Fortunately, these are no ordinary trains. You can acquire insane upgrades, equipment and power-ups to blast your way through your enemies.

ZaT screenshot 2

Zombies & Trains features addictive arcade action with 4 awesome game modes, simple pick-up-and-play controls that you can learn in minutes, and tons of achievements. For the competitive among you, there are also leaderboards that will have you playing levels over and over again to make sure you get the highest score possible.

ZaT screenshot 3

Zombies & Trains is out for iPhone, iPad and Android, each for only $0.99. For more screenshots, information and updates, you can go to the Zombies & Trains website, or head over to the Zombies & Trains Twitter and Facebook pages.