Fight Killer Robotic Birds in Featherpunk Prime

Sometimes the silliest ideas can become the coolest concepts.  This is clearly the case with Featherpunk Prime, an upcoming action platformer from Super Hatch Games. This will be Super Hatch Games’ first title, but the developers have previously worked together at Sony.

Players control a Robo Flamingo as it ascends the many levels of a tower, fighting varied bosses along the way. Super Hatch are creating Featherpunk Prime to be randomly generated in the style of Rogue Legacy. Meaning players will upgrade their Robo-Flamingo between deaths and then enter a new version of the dungeon. Claiming their game is inspired by platformers like Spelunky and Megaman, it sounds like Featherpunk Prime will be quite the challenge to progress through.

Interested readers are able to vote for Featherpunk Prime on Steam Greenlight, and follow the developer on Twitter.

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