Fight for Survival and Sanity in Fringe Theory

Fringe Theory Screen

Created from the desire to tackle a serious issue while providing a deep and immersive story, as well as engaging survival gameplay, developer LionRoar Games newest game Fringe Theory puts players in a first-person perspective of two individuals faced with a daunting task.

Players follow the story of two men, both suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as they uncover the mysteries of the island they’re both trapped on while they fight to keep their sanity. The dynamic weather system, night and day cycles, and a wildlife will cause strain on both the player’s mental and their physical health. Players will survive the harsh nature of the island and the wildlife that inhabit it by hunting, fishing and gathering. Players will go to various locations across the island solving a variety of puzzles that will require them to think outside the box.

Fringe Theory is currently in development, the game is up for voting on Steam Greenlight with a Kickstarter campaign starting soon. To learn more about the game and developer LionRoar Games, visit their website, and follow on Twitter.

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