Fight Foes And Use The Dead To Solve Ritual Puzzles In Corpses ‘N Souls

Corpses ‘N Souls is a 2D ARPG metroidvania game developed by Side Scroll Studios, lead by Kai Kubicek (also known as valcan_s in gaming communities). The game is more than a simple action RPG, however, as the game incorporates several different gameplay features and challenges, including multi-step puzzles and a fully-explorable 2D world.

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Corpses ‘N Souls is an ambitious project, with its developer striving “to redefine a modern 2D game and help push new boundaries.” Using gameplay inspired by old-school ARPGs like Diablo, players can expect a wide world to explore, with multiple enemies and plenty of loot to find and pick up. The core gameplay will also focus on using a Reever Chain to harvest the corpses and souls of fallen enemies and use them as processed resources for different skills and experiences. This skill is important for major puzzles, such as multi-stage rituals that require following step-by-step blue prints, setting stones in certain locations, spilling blood to charge the items in the ritual, and more.

The world is vast in this 2D sidescrolling setting, with several paths to take through the deadlands, lakes, dungeons, mountains, swamps, vast forests, crypts, and mausoleums that are graphically-rendered, high-quality animated textures. Utilizing the 2DEvolved engine, Corpses ‘N Souls will support systems with multiple GPUs, capable of a high degree of resolution.

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Corpses ‘N Souls currently has no release date, but is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux, with a PS4 and Xbox One release slated for later. The game will feature full Xbox One controller support, along with standard mouse and keyboard options. For more information, follow Kai Kubicek or Side Scroll Studios on Twitter. Gamers can also visit the game’s official website in order to learn more about the many mechanics the game will offer.

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  • A big thank you to @indiegamemag & @PilotaceRM (Rafiq) for the article on my game Corpses ‘N Souls I appreciate it, thanks for the support. There are a lot more cool things coming down the pipe that I am working on that I will be sure to let you know. Thanks

  • Good article. I also appreciate mentioning the engine the game uses. In our world of everyone-with-at-least-one-finger-and-one-eye “programming” games now, it’s nice to know if a game is using a custom engine or a third party solution. As far as the game, holy shit. Trippy graphics and physics and interesting systems/mechanics. Also, Kai, were you high when you recorded that video? You’re REALLY relaxed and chill sounding. I actually started to feel like I was high when watching it. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Thanks I appreciate that, I am glad you like it. For sure, there are not many of us out there making our own custom game engines any more. It sure feels good when we get props for them or that it is even mentioned.

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