Fight Evil with Science in Cell Surgeon


Based off of a project created at the 2012 Global Game Jam, InJoyLabs newest game is a match 4 puzzle game called Cell Surgeon. Set in the future, players will slip on the lab coat of a Dr. Rylus, an amateur virologist who has been tasked to save the city of Neutron from a deadly outbreak that came from outer space.

In order for players to exterminate the deadly microscopic foe, they’ll have to match 4 of the same types of virus’s together on the surface of a nucleus. This is done by using gestures like tap, hold, and swipe; just to name a few. There are a total of 9 unique viruses, each of them have their own gesture requirement. The game features a campaign mode with 26 different levels. Players can gain the upper hand against virus’s by mastering 3 different powerups, the BioClaw, Antibiotics, and Injection. These will aid the player, especially when they enter boss fights. Once players complete the story mode they’ll have access to Arcade Mode which will allow them to play for high scores.

Cell Surgeon is out now for both Android and iOS. The game is priced at $1.99 (USD)for iOS and $2.99 (USD) for Android. To learn more about the game visit the official website and “like” on Facebook. To learn more about the developer, InJoyLabs visit their website, and “like” on Facebook.

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