Fig Partners Video Game Crowdfunding With Investment Options


Justin Bailey, the former COO of Double Fine, recently announced his latest venture; the project is a new funding platform, called Fig, for which he will be the CEO. Fig will be the first video game-centric platform that will offer campaign-specific rewards as well as financial investment opportunities.

The crowdfunding service will run only one campaign at a time, alternating between titles from well-known studios and titles from up-and-coming development teams. It will also offer developers an organized experience, overseen by an advisory board made up of game studio CEOs Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian), Brian Fargo (inXile), and Tim Schafer (Double Fine). Through Fig, they will mentor the developers and assist in the pitching process. “Feargus, Tim, and I have all experienced the many challenges of bringing our games to market,” said Fargo. “We’re proud to be creating an ecosystem that better supports developers…to bring their passion projects to life.”


Left to right: Schafer, Fargo, Urquhart, and Bailey

The debut campaign for Fig is currently underway for a game called Outer Wilds, in development at Mobius Digital Studios. The campaign is seeking a goal of $125,000 through crowdfunding support and the financial backing of only accredited investors. Fig intends to allow anyone access to these investment opportunities after 1 or 2 campaigns, and after receiving approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Visit Fig’s About page for additional details concerning the platform, and visit their inaugural campaign page to learn more about Outer Wilds.

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