Fast-Paced War Comes in 10 Minute Barbarian


10 Minute Barbarian

It’s not easy building a kingdom, forming an army, and squashing possible threats. It’s time-consuming; long hours of pulling forces together, gauging threats from enemy kingdoms. No ruler has time for that, but developer Studio Puffer’s newest game 10 Minute Barbarian has a solution to shorten all that time.

The game’s title gives it away: players will have roughly 10 minutes to explore, build an army, and lay siege to castles and enemy armies while dragons rain fire down upon their forces. Players will participate in both small and large battles with different unit types like soldiers, dragons, necromancers, and demons. The game’s controls are designed to be simple, allowing for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

10 Minute Barbarian is expected to be released on January 27 on Steam for Windows PC and Mac. To learn more about the game and developer Studio Puffer visit their website, and follow them on Twitter.

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