Explore the World’s Biggest Creepy Basement in Perturbia

I don’t even like going down into my own basement, but now, Imaginary Game Studio wants me to putter around in the terrifying basement of an abandoned building. Well, not entirely abandoned. If it was completely abandoned, then Perturbia wouldn’t be much of a game, would it?

After answering some kind of ad for a photographer, heading to a building in the middle of nowhere, and then taking the elevator inside, the main character ends up in a huge, creepy basement. Down there,  he has to solve puzzles in order to escape. Most of the ones demonstrated in the trailer were simple, practical puzzles that involved fixing fuse boxes or getting through locked doors. The atmosphere of the trailer was “nice” and unsettling though, with darkness slowly drawing in, the deeper the character got into the game. The flashlight he carried didn’t seem all that necessary at first, but that small circle of light soon becomes all the player can see.


Something about this abandoned place exudes menace, leaving the player to wonder just what is going on. Seeing someone else creeping around down there had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. Life is already unpleasant in that place from what is shown in the trailer, but it seems like things will only get worse for the poor photographer.

The developer is currently working towards getting the game on Steam. So, if solving puzzles while some strange creature breathes down your neck in the dark sounds like fun, head on over to Greenlight and give them a “Yes” vote. Otherwise, you can check out the developer’s site or their YouTube account to see more reasons as to why you don’t take an elevator in an abandoned building.

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