Explore the Secrets of Those Who’ve Passed in Welcome to Boon Hill

There can be something quite peaceful about walking through a graveyard. Sure, there’s the element of creepy trees and haunting ghosts, but there’s something more important beneath the surface. Each gravestone tells a story about the person that is laid to rest, and those stories are exactly what Welcome to Boon Hill hopes to tell.


Welcome to Boon Hill is a graveyard simulator, but not in the building/management-type simulator, like Prison Architect. Players get to walk around the graveyard and look at grave stones. There’s no way to win; there’s no way to lose. Instead, it’s about the players learning to read between the lines – or, well, gravestones – to learn the story of the town. There are over 2,000 graves and epitaphs to read, and multiple NPCs to interact with in order for players to piece together the story.

Welcome to Boon Hill is about the stories and connections that people leave behind after they die. Players can leave flowers on three gravestones per visit to the graveyard to mourn those who have gone before them. Despite the fact that players can climb into an open grave, nothing in the game, including the murders of crows, can actually kill the player. It’s a “quiet, simple, and somber” game to get players thinking and finding all of the interwoven stories.


14 Hours Productions started out a few years ago as a pixel animation studio for other indie game developers and movies. They progressed into making content for themselves, and, thus, used that knowledge to create Welcome to Boon Hill.

Welcome to Boon Hill is available now for PC and Mac systems through Humble and Steam for $4.99 USD. For more information on 14 Hours Productions, check out their website.