Explore the Infinite with InfiniExplorers on Steam Greenlight, IndieGoGo

Would-be astronauts will want to take a look at InfiniExplorers, a forthcoming PC game from Spanish developer Far Light Studios. This 3D space open sandbox is designed to appeal to fans of science fiction, action, resource management games, and space exploration.


As the hero of the game, the player¬†will first construct a base on the starting planet of their choice, and begin to make use of that planet’s natural resources. As your affluence grows, you will establish a colony which will provide additional resources, and once the colony is secure, you can begin to craft a spaceship with which to travel to other planets. Gather resources from newly discovered worlds, engage in commerce with friendly factions, or fight off invasions from space pirates. Search for hidden treasures and secrets, and develop new technologies to advance the culture of your home world’s colony. It’s all part of the space-faring fun.


Right now, InfiniExplorers is on Steam Greenlight, and a fundraising campaign for the game is underway on IndieGoGo. The developers promise that if the game succeeds in getting onto Steam, they will provide a Steam key to every backer who pledges towards a digital copy of the game. Other funding rewards include your name in the game credits, and the opportunity to have a star in the game galaxy named after you. The fundraiser will continue all throughout September and October.


Designed for Windows and OSX, PC gamers who enjoy strategy and simulation will definitely want to give InfiniExplorers a look.¬†Built in Unreal Engine, it is presently designed for single player, although the devs may add multiplayer options in the future. It will be available in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Italian, so gamers all over the world will be able to tell their computers to boldly go… well, you know.

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