Experience Solid Engineering and Crazy Air Tricks in Bridge Constructor Stunts

For anyone who has ever tried one of those bridge-constructing games and utterly failed over and over again, ClockStone Software has the answer. In Bridge Constructor Stunts, the player acts both as an engineer and stuntman in flashier, rather than practical, creations.


The mobile game expands on the previous concept of building stable, cross-able bridges. This time, a crafty engineer can create ridiculous ramps, loops, and bridge sections to make the best jumps possible. The courses can also include some pre-made obstacles such as towers, hanging platforms, and breakable boxes. Building is just one half of Bridge Constructor Stunts, however; after finishing a course, the player controls the car or truck directly. Cool flips and tricks matter, but the vehicle needs to collect stars and get to the end of the level in one piece to win. There are 33 levels divided across five settings.


Bridge Constructor Stunts hopes to improve over the past bridge-building games in several ways, most notably by streamlining the construction and making building easier. Other features include finding secret screws that are scattered over some levels, achievements, and rankings. Let’s Players and YouTube enthusiasts can make use of the recording feature in the game, sharing their stunts with the rest of the world.

The engineer-stuntman bridge building game released last week on the App Store with a 33% discount for a limited time, retailing at $1.99. The Android version is scheduled to release October 8th.

For more on Bridge Constructor Stunts, check out the publisher’s website, like the game’s Facebook account and follow Headup Games on Twitter.

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